News: POSB launches to celebrate fresh perspectives on Singapore

POSB launched a new portal, “” to celebrate fresh perspectives on Singaporeans and our neighbourhoods.

With Singapore turning 50 next year, POSB is proud to share stories on the “” portal that highlights transformation in people’s mindsets, places and our sense of purpose.

Lim Bee Bee, Head of Marketing, Consumer Banking Group Singapore, DBS Bank, said, “Singapore has come a long way in the last 50 years and a lot has changed in terms of how people view society and neighbourhoods. This initiative is part of POSB’s efforts to highlight Singapore’s rapid transformation and how we, as a society, have grown. Through this portal, we hope to bring Singaporeans together, regardless of their background and passion to celebrate shared purposes and diversity.”

The initial response to the portal has been encouraging with most of the content registering a high engagement on POSB’s social media pages. For example, the story of “Bar Brothers” has received more than 95,000 views and close to 700 shares on POSB’s social media platforms. Similarly, “Merging Lanes”, a video that traces the journey of young passionate biker Jonathan as he takes part in the distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride, was viewed more than 65,000 times.

In addition to the featured stories, also encourages visitors to share their stories that form the rich tapestry of Singapore. Through the sharing, the bank aims to unearth more stories of what make Singapore home, celebrate transformations and innovations that will shape the nation’s future.

In addition to the “” portal, POSB will be introducing more initiatives to celebrate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee in 2015.

To discover more inspiring stories about our neighbourhoods, please visit: