News: Tokyo and Kanagawa Buffet Specials at Kuishin Bo!

Start the new year with a tantalising selection of specialties from Tokyo and Kanagawa, available at perennial favourite, Kuishin Bo restaurants in Great World City and Jurong Point, coming January 2015!

Come January, diners will be able to dig into the Hamaguri Chanko Nabe, a hot pot of Hamaguri clams and assorted vegetables, a variation of the famous Tokyo stew.

Other delicious seafood specialties include Akauo Daikon (simmered ocean perch with white radish), Fukagawa Toji (Japanese clams with scrambled egg in Donburi sauce), Karei Karaage (crispy flounder), Tokyo Shio Yakisoba (stir-fried noodles with assorted seafood in Ankake sauce) and Ika Yaki (grilled Japanese squid). (yay!)

Sawara, known otherwise as Spanish Mackerel, is one of the top Mackerel varieties currently in season in Tokyo. At Kuishin Bo, diners can indulge in Sawara Sakamushi, a version of the Spanish Mackerel steamed with Japanese rice wine.

Monja Yaki, a Kanto-style Japanese savoury pancake is also a highlight. The specialty of the Kanto region is similar to okonomiyaki but it is made with a liquid-like dough, unlike the okonomiyaki which has a denser texture. Finely chopped cabbage, dried shrimps and shredded squid are stir-fried with the batter and come in a range of flavours such as mentaiko (spicy cod roe), curry, and mochi. Many Monja Yaki restaurants can be found in the Tsukishima district of Tokyo, where the dish is said to have originated.

Among the desserts featured are Imagawa Yaki, a pancake from Japan filled with sweet red bean paste, which borrows its name from the Kanda Imagawashi bridge where it was first sold during the Edo period in Japan; Kaminari Okoshi (crispy rice snack), as well as Ishigaki Dango (steamed bun with sweet potato).

Kuishin Bo Tokyo and Kanagawa Fair Fair Period: 5 Jan – 29 Mar 2015
Opening Hours: 11:30 – 15:00 & 17:30 – 22:00


Drooling away with the thought of free flow mentaiko and clam stew… tummy going ‘hungry hungry! i want!’… happens all too often when i atempt to post before meal times 😛

Okay dd, I know what I want as my belated Christmas present / meal… hehe!