Personal: 2015 – New Year Resolutions

I don’t have a habit of doing up one every year nor fulfilling each one of them…
But as I view my ‘to-do’ and ‘to-happen’ list for this year, it will be good to have one.


Here is mine, specially for 2015:

1) Spend more quality time with family

As much as we get on each others’ nerves from time to time, it’s always good to have family by your side. And having that slightly unfortunate slip for mom, it’s always good to be there more for her and Dad.

2) Hit the gym more often

Since Feb 2014, I’ve been working out but not as constant. So with the impending wedding, shall have to make it a twice or thrice weekly visit.

3) Keep calm while handling wedding preparations

Hmm… this would be challenging. Still not feeling the rush or urgency but I think I might when the date nears and when there’s a ton of things to be done. But hope it would be less stressful than expected since I have the fiance aka my partner with me 😀

4) Spend more quality time with fiance’s family

We do meet from time to time, but probably not as often as my friends seen theirs. Therefore, I would plan and hope to spend more time with my soon-to-be new family, get to know them better~

5) Work on the blog

Yet to find sufficient time & motivation to work on the blog layout, content and reinstate photos for old posts.

The new hosting hasn’t been much of a help too, especially when I have been spotting a number of database issues for the past 2 months. I hope that the network issue will be resolved or stable soon and if time permits, more focus in the coming months on the blog (likely in between preparations)… And possibly, produce better content and sharing posts.


That’s about it, my 5 simple resolutions for 2015 🙂