News: Men-ichi Ramen Serves Up “Black Gold” Specials!

Green super foods have been in fashion for a number of years now, yet health-conscious diners are beginning to discover the equally remarkable benefits of black foods, which are rich in antioxidants. 

From 17 February 2015 till mid May, ramen lovers can indulge in Men-ichi Ramen’s Ikasumi Special, which features squid ink in the restaurant’s popular Sapporo miso tonkotsu soup.

The Ikasumi Tonkotsu Ramen ($14.90) offers a blend of springy home-made curly noodles, succulent char siew, minced pork, soft flavoured egg, crunchy bamboo shoots and fragrant seaweed served in Sapporo miso tonkotsu soup with squid ink.

For a richer, creamier broth, the Ikasumi Corn Butter Tonkotsu Ramen ($15.90) has the same luscious taste, topped with butter and sweet corn.

Squid ink also features in the Ikasumi Yakimeshi ($8.90), a delicious combination of Japanese short-grain rice fried with squid ink, fresh tiger prawns, crabmeat and egg. 

Aside from squid ink specials, new additions to the menu include the Tori Paitan Aosa Ramen ($16.90) – a delicious, milky, chicken-based broth derived from chicken bones, pork bones and vegetables. The dish is also available with spicy chilli oil or roasted garlic oil at $17.90.

Also new are thin and thick home-made ramen noodles specially developed by Men-ichi Ramen’s master chef Kanji Fujine. The thick noodles are a perfect complement to the restaurant’s stronger Shio, Tonkotsu and Miso Tonkotsu soup bases. The thin, wavy noodles on the other hand boast fragrant wheat aromas, and offers a great balance to most soup bases.

Men-ichi Ramen Locations

1. Northpoint Outlet

#01-22/23 Northpoint
930 Yishun Avenue 2, Singapore 769098
Open daily from 11am – 10pm

2. nex Outlet

#B1-79, Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street, nex
23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083
Open daily from 11am –10pm

3. Jurong Point Outlet

#B1-53/54, Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street, Jurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2, Singapore 648886
Open daily from 11.30am –10pm


Information and visual as shared by RE&S.

Are you adventurous enough to try the black soup / squid base?
It will be a good experience, my guess is it’ll be quite interesting and decent, since I’ve had the chance to try squid ink pasta from other restaurants.

As long as you are willing to challenge yourself and give it a taste, it should somehow surprise your taste buds.