News: ‘The TOP SECRET Social Media Survival Guide’ launched to help youths

A digital guidebook has been launched in line with Safer Internet Day on February 10, as part of global efforts to build a safer, more secure Internet for everyone.

It aims to educate youths on how to navigate social media safely.

‘The TOP SECRET Social Media Survival Guide’ brings readers through three stages that mirror their social media journey, from account creation to setting up advanced security measures. The stages discuss concepts such as how to create a strong password, choose the best privacy settings, and prevent malware attacks. Information is condensed into eight simple rules that youths can easily remember and follow to better protect themselves on social media.

The guidebook is a result of a partnership between four final-year students from Nanyang Technological University’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information and TOUCH Cyber Wellness. It is currently available for all to download for free.

“With the increasing early age exposure and active engagement on social media, youths today are more vulnerable to the risk of online dangers such as stalking, grooming, bullying and hacking. Despite their tech-savviness, youths are generally still impressionable and naïve towards the threats online. That is why this guidebook is timely to both educate youths on the potential online dangers and misadventures, and also impart practical tips and handles to better safeguard themselves,“ said Mr Chong Ee Jay, Assistant Manager of TOUCH Cyber Wellness.

The guidebook can be downloaded at , under the Resources tab. It is part of a pilot project, ‘The TOP SECRET Experience’, jointly organised by the TOP SECRET team from NTU and TOUCH Cyber Wellness, and supported by the Central Singapore Community Development Council.

For the direct page to the ‘social media survival guide’, please visit!resources/cfaz.


Information and visual as kindly shared by NTU Media Relations.

Read through the guide and I feel that it’s useful for all ages, not just for the teens / youngsters who are into social media.

The older generations are gradually more into social media and most adults / people around my age have been using it, e.g. twitter, facebook & etc. And based of what I’ve heard and read, there had been instances of accounts breached, stalking, cheated and ID theft because of guessable passwords, over-sharing of locations, overly trusting of strangers and too much information shared.

Do ponder for a minute or two, have you  or family members or your friends experience similar incidents?


Good, if it has never happen to you before.

But I had, heh.

I had been a couple of accounts breached and although it’s not that serious, e.g. no major loss of information, but it was a pain trying to reinstate the account and go through everything to ensure nothing else was missing.

Not forgetting countless of malwares / trojans my virus scan software had blocked out over the years, whenever some sites are not secured or had been ‘stuff planted’ to gain information.

The guide will just require a couple of minutes to read through and please do share with your family or friends, if they are unaware.

After all, wouldn’t it be better to be informed and learn to save guard personal information and minimize or deter any perpetrator from making you a potential target? 🙂