Thoughts: Logitech AnyAngle iPad mini Case

The Logitech AnyAngle, has a hidden hinge but built into the front flap of the case, to prop up your iPad for comfortable reading or typing while protecting it from accidental bumps, spills and even scratches. Which of course, is useful for the all time klutzy / butter-finger me.

And yes, it does seem slightly similar to the Logitech Hinge for iPad mini. Main difference is where the hinge is positioned and design + material used.


Here some photos on the Logitech AnyAngle for iPad mini review unit, before the pros/con bit:

– transparent back


– Design / Material: The slight change in hinge position makes it easier to position / change the angle for better viewing while with the magnet safely securing the position. The case is built with a half smooth material + canvas like front and rubberized frame + semi transparent back, more to minimize water spillage, drop and scratch damages.
– Color: Comes in 6 color combinations to choose from and will fit any style or occasion. I’m glad I requested for the Blue/Red combination, it looks better than the press release photos and a couple of friends love that combi.
– Feel: Comfortable to hold and doesn’t slip.
– Price: Cheaper than the Hinge, it’s retailing for SGD79.00

Con / Personal preference:
– Design /Material:  Didn’t realized the back is see-through till the review unit arrived. As I’m not like some users who would prefer to display the back or Apple logo, I would prefer if the back design is similar to the Hinge. Let it be a full back canvas material cover while keeping the rubberized frame (though unsure if that would potentially affect the price).

Aside from the con / personal preference, I feel that it’s a good case to have and protect your iPad.

And I do like it enough to get one in Blue/Red… when my Hinge case decides to fall apart (under daily ‘abuse’). That is, if no newer Logitech cases are launched before that or if I don’t get a new iPad 🙂


Sincere thanks to Logitech Singapore and SPRG for sending the review unit.

Photos taken with iPhone6.