News: SKM – ‘Mud Doll’ Tugs At The Heartstrings To Inspire Kindness

The Singapore Kindness Movement just released “Mud Doll”, an emotive short film that deals with themes of simple acts of kindness and intergenerational bonding.

The 120-second spot premieres on Channels 5 and 8 today, while a 60-second version begins its run in selected cinemas island-wide. The full-length clip is on SKM’s YouTube channel, KindnessSG.

Continuing with its overarching theme of “A Nation of Kindness Starts with One”, “Mud Doll” explores the unlikely relationship between a persistent little girl, Megan, and a prickly cardboard auntie. After several failed attempts to win her friendship, the well-mannered little girl’s earnest and giving nature finally warms the reluctant cardboard auntie’s heart. Still, it takes little Megan’s falling seriously sick for “porpor” to break out from her wall of isolation and realise just how much she cares.

Set against the familiar backdrop of the Singapore heartland, the spot celebrates the triumph of kindness over the hard, “survival instinct” of the concrete jungle, reinforcing the idea that even seemingly insignificant acts of kindness can be powerful indeed. The spot closes with a simple message – “It is in giving that we receive”.

Conceptualised by 3-Sixty Brand Communications, “Mud Doll” also signals the start of a new phase of the SKM’s “A Nation of Kindness Starts with One” theme. Now into its third year, the campaign evolved from 2013’s one action (“One wave, one step, one move”), to the actions of one individual or group, through profiles of real-life kindness heroes and ground-up movements last year. In the latest phase, “One” comes full circle and explores the idea of a true nation of kindness, where anyone from any walk of life can and will express one’s innate kindness, making it an inseparable part of our social compact and national identity.

If you would like to catch Mud Doll, please head on over and watch on the SKM’s YouTube channel at For more information on SKM’s “A Nation of Kindness Starts with One” campaign and upcoming activities, do visit


Touching… and nicely done 🙂
Do watch it till the end and though small, any act of kindness helps to make everyday life better.

Information as kindly provided SKM.