News: Make Family Time Quality Time When You Play with OREO

Growing old does have its benefits, but the liberating nature of play is one which is sacrificed the most during the transition of a child to an adult. With increased stress from work and adult responsibilities, Singaporeans are finding it increasingly difficult to access child-like but precious emotions, such as creativity and wonderment that they once experienced when they were younger.

In hopes to unlock this rusty door to the realm where creativity soars into unpredictable and wonderful places, the world’s favourite cookie has taken on the mission to turn those frowns upside down with the debut of its latest campaign, PLAY WITH OREO.

The campaign seeks to help citizens regain their child-like perspective and find joy in the simpler things through the discovery of new and unimaginable ways one can have their OREO, particularly in the company of family and friends.

To introduce the PLAY WITH OREO campaign, onlookers are encouraged to keep an eye out for roving OREO carts and the friendly OREO mascot that will be taking over the city in the month of
April. Eager fans can participate in fun and games to unleash their imagination when playing with OREO, where they can also enjoy a first-hand taste of the all-new OREO Coconut Delight – the first new flavour of the cookie since 2013.

Catered specially to the unique Asian palette, the all-new OREO Coconut Delight. Packaged in two formats, the OREO Coconut Delight 137g and OREO Coconut Delight Multipack 264.6g are available at all major supermarkets and convenience stores, at S$1.59 & S$1.95.


Do try out the interactive OREO games available at

As for PLAY WITH OREO Roving Cart, it will be appearing at these following dates/locations (subject to weather changes):
 11 April: Orchard Road
 18 April: Tampines Central
 25 April: Toa Payoh Central


Information as kindly shared by OREO / Mondelez Asia Pacific.

Based on some research, we – Singaporeans, are supposedly one of the unhappiest people in the world. Well, I don’t agree with the research result, as happiness level during survey moment could have been easily affected by numerous situation (e.g. woke up on the wrong side of bed, missed or can’t get on the bus… etc.)

In any sense, to be happy or not, is a choice.
If it helps, grab some milk and nom on OREO 😀