Photo: New Toy – Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Re-contract another mobile line and picked up the Xperia Z3 Compact last Friday, for my Android stand-by / replacement (own & use iOS and Android phones concurrently for work and personal stuff).

S$199 top up under Starhub’s 4G 3 plan.

– taken with the iPhone 6 with minimal edits

The 4.6inch Z3 Compact fits nicely in my hands and after all, I don’t need another 5inch+ phone when I have the iPhone 6. As for the camera feature and speed, pretty decent images and fast loading / processing / toggling between apps. Water and dust resistant is part of my decision to get this.

Aside from the charging flaps which I still fear I would snap them off from prolong direct microUSB charging, no complaints / cons so far.

Oh… I do have a Redmi Note 3G which I have been using since August. Not that it is acting up, just needed to recontract to get better mobile line discount… Plus I always have a soft spot for Sony products and its Xperia series and the Redmi Note 3G has been more of a spare phone for mobile gaming and travel usage.

Now for the casing and magnetic charge pins to be shipped and arrive 😀