News: Singtel is first in the world to trial AirTies’ Wi-Fi Mesh™ technology with ‘client steering’

WiFi network performance in homes is often impaired by many seemingly benign factors. WiFi dead zones – the bane of many customers with homes that are large or have multiple levels – can be attributed to router placement, home layouts, wall and floor thickness, furniture and interference from neighbouring networks. Quick fix options such as installing repeaters and range extenders can improve the situation, but with limited results.

To solve these issues, Singtel will be conducting a trial of AirTies’ Wi-Fi Mesh™. This technology is widely deployed in enterprise-grade solutions to provide seamless outdoor WiFi access. AirTies’ Wi-Fi Mesh ™ greatly improves home wireless coverage and performance by expanding and optimising Wi-Fi connections through its mesh and ‘client steering’ technologies.

Users in the trial will experience consistent bandwidth at high speeds that can support data-demanding applications. For example, they will be able to watch bandwidth-intensive HD Singtel TV on multiple devices in every corner of their home.

With the trial, Singtel will be the first operator in the world to utilise mesh technology with ‘client steering’ in homes. Mesh technology allows for a superior WiFi connection by virtue of its topology, where interconnected nodes serve to expand wireless coverage and enable constant wireless connectivity. The ‘client steering’ capability increases WiFi performance by switching devices to the optimum bandwidth and selecting the best transmission path within the home network.

The trial will run in selected homes from mid-April to the end of May 2015. The service is expected to be available for commercial use in July 2015.


Information as kindly shared by SingTel.