Guide: Sony’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide for The Tech-Savvy Mom

Some gift ideas as shared by Sony Electronics, for you, if you are still stressed out with what to get for your tech-savvy mom.


Is your mum into selfies? If she is, then check out our new DSC-KW11 digital still camera. It’s the best device for your mum to take selfies of herself and loved ones, make edits need be, and share them instantaneously on her social media platforms. Best of all, she’ll definitely love the uniquely-shaped perfume bottle design, complete with Swarovski crystals. Separately, if she prefers a camera that she can use on family outings, the α5100 mirrorless camera will be the one to go for. With a fast hybrid autofocus system, she won’t have to worry about missing any picture-perfect moments, no matter how fast they pass by. Its portable and compact body also means that your mum can bring it along anywhere she goes.

The most ideal gift for your music-loving mum will be the SRS-X5 wireless Bluetooth® speaker. With it, she can escape into a world filled with her favourite tunes regardless of what she is doing at home. And with up to 8 hours of music playback time, your mum will be able to enjoy her music all day long. Alternatively, if your mum prefers to listen to her music in private, then go for the NWZ-A17 Walkman. With 64GB of internal memory and superior Hi-Res audio quality, she can enjoy all her favourite jams in superb quality from just one single device. Last but not least, make sure your mum is connected all day long with the CP-S5 portable charger. Its large battery capacity of 5,000mAh is sufficient to keep all her devices juiced up all day long – so remember to call her to tell her you love her!

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Information and image as kindly shared by Sony and WE.