Video: LG G4: Secret of Leather

The LG G4 packs innovative functions and exudes class with its timeless leather back cover, made with the most sophisticated leather and craftsmanship.

Watch how that beautiful leather back cover is made and the technique used:

– Leather that is perfect and of the finest quality – cows living in altitudes above 1,800m, free from mosquito and bug bites, thus producing blemish-free leather skin.
– 200 year-old vegetable tanning technique used – only 10% of the world’s leather use this method, which takes three months to produce, making each strip of leather durable, different and unique.
– Artisanal excellence sought by top fashion brands – purveyor of the leather is renowned amongst the world’s most recognizable fashion brands, even final wrapping of leather is done by hand.

LG’s involvement with curating the leathers – every batch checked by LG’s quality control inspector to ensure only the best leather is used.

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Information as kindly shared by LG Singapore.