News: Logitech Introduces 2015 Play Collection Mice

Inspired by the latest trends in fashion, furniture design and accessories, the 2015 Logitech® Play Collection – 05 new mice feature the friendly faces of playful characters, and colourful patterns and shapes on the Logitech® Wireless Mouse M238.

The characters & designs are:
– Ophelia Owl
– Francesca Fox
– Marc Monkey
– Blue Facets
– Red Facets

“Our goal was to evoke a little fun, and remind you to smile when you’re using your mouse,” said Moninder Jain, Managing Director of Logitech Southeast Asia and India. “We combined a splash of colour, a touch of playfulness and a dash of spirit to create this year’s 2015 Logitech Play Collection. The colour combinations and designs are inspiring, cheerful, and add personality to your desk.”

The 2015 Logitech Play Collection is as bright, playful and high-spirited as you are. Thanks to the collection’s long-lasting battery life, it’s easy to keep the fun going for up to 12 months depending on the model. These wireless mice can also play up to 10 meters away and still maintain a reliable connection.

The 2015 Logitech Play Collection is expected to be available in Singapore from June 2015, at a recommended retail price of SGD$29.


Information as kindly shared by Logitech Singapore.