Photo: Relaxing weekend

Almost 4 months since I blogged about anything personal, stressed out by wedding preparation (e.g. invitation cards, schedule, actual day stuff) and busy with gaming.

All that mad rush and stress, I’m thankful for the good and relaxing weekend.


It went well, settled some wedding stuff, e.g. the bridesmaid dresses and corsages at The BMD Shop (good selection of dresses, speedy response for appointment and friendly lady) and bounced some game ideas. After which, chatted with the jiemeis a little before we left for other appointments. Thanks to the girls, I felt that a load was off my mind and more at ease now.

And of course, finally had the long overdue ME time… before spending some time with the fiance.

ME time with a smooth cup of Mocha and tangy sweet Yuzu tart from Pacamara:

Didn’t realized Pacamara took over that shop space since last year. Nice place to just catch up with friends, have a meal, read and relax with desserts.

Well, on to a new work week and more preparations 🙂