News: Jabra Boost, for the busy women / multi-tasking mothers.

Particularly for mothers – from picking up the kids to household chores to managing their professional work life – multitasking has become more prevalent these days, causing additional stress for them. The recently launched Jabra Boost, an energy-conserving headset that features the longest battery life in the market, will allow mothers and women to handle calls and tasks all day long, even while doing the laundry.

Benefits of Jabra boost and how it can help allieviate stress from multitasking?

  • Hands-free working — Liberating for all mothers, it improves the productivity of the various other tasks she has to complete. With both hands free, mothers can do the dishes and laundry faster and better than before.
  • Boosted talk time of up to 9 hours — do women really talk more than men? If so, this is perfect for all women!
  • On-demand Siri/Google function — Users can get the information they want in a single touch by activating Siri/Google like our little assistant.
  • Durable — By investing in Jabra boost, you know that you’re secured with a reliable headset. The durability that Jabra promises helps save your money and time on repairs in the long run.
  • Comfortable — Comfort is key for all women. Get rid of strains caused when trying to converse on the mobile phone between the shoulder and the ear. The ergonomically designed EarGels is designed to snugly fit on the ears of users for all-day wear.
  • Style — Even when multitasking, one should always look fabulous. This sleek design in 3 classic colours will make a great accessory for the busy but style-conscious woman.

RRP: S$78.00

For more information, do check out:
Jabra Boost: Product Info


Information as kindly shared by Jabra Singapore.

Though busy with work and wedding preparations, I can’t see myself having the chance to use this, especially when I get mostly texts messages than calls. But it should serve a busy business woman and mother well, as it’s small enough and has on-demand function for quick calls.