News: Born a Hero – Celebrating the Strength of Women for the SAF

As part of the commemoration for the SAF’s 50th anniversary (SAF50), women’s website Material World launched the Born a Hero project to celebrate the unsung heroes behind Singapore’s defence.

Sponsored by AXA Singapore, Born a Hero shares the stories of ordinary women who have contributed to the success of the SAF in their own ways. Born a Hero saw the release of 10 stories on Material World [] from March to June, each honouring and celebrating women who have contributed towards our nation’s defence network. Coming from all walks of life, these personalities are everyday women who have played a part in ensuring the SAF’s success over the years.

The list includes individuals such as Tina Goh, a veteran who joined the SAF in the 1970s at the tender age of 18; blogger-mum Summer Goh, who adapted to a new life in Sweden with her husband – a regular with the Republic of Singapore Navy – when he was deployed there on training; and Judy Kong, who joined Singapore Women’s Auxiliary Naval Service (SWANS) in 1964 as a volunteer – driven by a sense of duty to serve and play a part in the defence of Singapore, which was then, a fledgling nation.

Sharing the inspiration behind the initiative, Deborah Tan, Co-Founder of Material World, says, “We are proud to present Born a Hero, our unique way of paying tribute to women in a milestone
year that marks 50 years – not just for Singapore’s independence, but also for the SAF. Through Born a Hero, we hope to recognise the efforts of women who have given strength to the SAF and
our nation over the past 50 years. We are grateful to AXA Singapore for their stellar support and belief in this cause. Beyond the telling of stories, this project is also about celebrating how far we have come. We welcome everyone to join us in honouring the sister; the mother; the daughter; or female boss and colleague who have been the heroes in your lives.”

Speaking about AXA’s support for the initiative, Chief Human Resource Officer of AXA Singapore, Ms Priya Shahane said, “At AXA, we believe that everyone is born to protect. Just as we strive to do our best to support the men who do their part in serving the nation through our company’s practices, we also want to recognise the roles the women play. Whether as a colleague, mother,
wife, or girlfriend to a member of the SAF team, they stand strong behind our SAF men. We are glad that the Born a Hero initiative with Material World and all the partners gives us an opportunity to thank and honour women for the various roles they play towards protecting Singapore. As the saying goes, ‘Behind every successful man is a woman’ – this quote has never been more apt.”

Hosted by Irene Ang (who played the popular role of “mother of Ken Chow” in the Ah Boys to Men movies), the finale event was an exciting evening of fun, shopping and sharing. Lots of smiles, live performance, GSS shopping and happy winners 🙂


Thanks to Material World & Asia PR Werkz for the event invite and press release.