News: National Geographic Live returns to Singapore with a new season of adventure and exploration!

Behind every great National Geographic story, there is a storyteller who travels to the wildest places on earth to bring home epic tales of adventure and discovery.

Returning for its second year at the Esplanade Concert Hall, National Geographic Live Singapore will feature two of National Geographic’s veteran photographers – Steve Winter and Brian Skerry – who’ll share stories from life behind the lens on 25 August 2015 and 24 January 2016 respectively.


Big Cat legend Steve Winter will share his intense encounters and astonishing images of the big cats of India, Brazil, and Hollywood. Finding and capturing rare images of these elusive and beautiful endangered species often requires many months in the field, working under dangerous and difficult conditions.

For Steve, doing whatever it takes to document these majestic creatures in the wild is all in a day’s work, whether it’s camping at 15,000 feet in -40 degree temperatures or being charged by rhinos. Part of each assignment is simply trying to stay healthy – and stay alive. Steve will share his gripping tales live on stage, from coming face-to-face with tigers in India’s Kaziranga National Park – one of the last places where tigers still share the land with elephants, rhinos, and deer – to capturing nocturnal adventures of a mountain lion in the Hollywood hills.

Steve Winter has been charged by a grizzly in Siberia and trapped in quicksand in the world’s largest tiger reserve in Myanmar. He’s flown over erupting volcanoes and visited isolated
villages where residents had never before seen a blond foreigner—or a camera. Throughout it all you can’t help but be inspired by Steve’s mission: to share the beauty of big cats whilst reinvigorating efforts to save them.


Dive deep into the world’s oceans with Brian Skerry as he shares images that illuminate the vast, hidden world beneath the waves. In this presentation, audiences join Brian for an intimate
look at dolphins’ intelligence, hang out with the endearing Arctic harp seal, discover the truth about the global fish crisis, and circumnavigate the globe in search of the world’s most
endangered whale, the right whale.

Brian has spent more than 10,000 hours underwater using his camera to tell the story of some of the ocean’s most elusive inhabitants. His mission: to enlighten and inspire people to care
about the beauty, bounty, and health of the world’s oceans. He consistently delivers thought-provoking and captivating images that offer a unique and intimate portrait of the creatures from the deep and draw attention to the large number of issues that endanger their existence. On stage Brian is a passionate spokesman for the oceans he loves to photograph, and his riveting
presentations inspire reverence for Earth’s marine realms. Most of all, they offer hope for protecting the vitality of the world’s oceans.

Appealing to those inspired by travel, exploration, discovery – and who value the National Geographic Society’s belief in the power of science, exploration, and storytelling to change the
world – National Geographic Live is for adventurers, thinkers, nature lovers, and explorers of all ages.


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