Self: On Wedding Preparations 

A year ago, we were taking our time – looking at pre-wedding photography, choosing the dates and searching for a good restaurant to host the wedding dinner.

One year later, we are rushing to get things done – e.g. photos ready, cards out, 过大礼 / betrothal items and little stuff ready for the wedding day.

D -2mths++ *yikes*


Gonna list everything here like a checklist and work on it one at a time.

What have been chosen / settled / done / paid for:

  • Wedding day outfits & bridesmaids’ dresses (package bought – Kelly’s bridal & dresses purchase – theBMD)
  • Hotel rooms (booked)
  • Restaurant, theme and 90% of the menu
  • Solemnizer (got our first choice~)
  • AD photography & videography (selected and deposit paid)
  • Wedding invitation list and cards (50% done, still sending out cards and asking / confirming guest list)
  • Wedding cakes / pastries (purchased from Thye Moh Chan and Bengawan Solo)

Work in progress:

  • 过大礼 / betrothal items
  • Car rental and bus services for the actual day
  • Lunch catering
  • Wedding photo album (should arrive by early August)(TW outdoor shoot with additional 50 photos for around S$4.3K in total)
  • Gatecrash games (simple, fun and nothing degrading ^^)
  • A get-together with all the brothers, sisters and in-charge.
  • Facial session (package bought, finally ‘upgraded’ self from masks & ampoules)
  • Gym (been exercising since last year, for a fitter and toner body)


All these, will / have took up loads of time, effort & a lot of money (ouchies from wallet / saving)… But even though we are feeling the stress and depleting savings (no bridezilla mode… but hopefully not gonna happen), things are still bearable due to our families & friends, for offering help and advices…

Enough wedding sharing / blabbing from me…

May we get through these upcoming weeks with minimum issues and have an awesome time with everyone~… 🙂

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    1. thanks dearie!

      haha no sponsors for the wedding, everything at own cost / out of our wallet 😛

      just adding the links to give whoever come across this post an idea of companies / shops who are providing specific services~

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