WOTD: Conscientiously 


– governed by conscience; controlled by or done according to one’s inner sense of what is right; principled

Definition as shown on dictionary.reference.com.

The word has been the source of my giggle fits for the first half of today.

All thanks to that document, i learnt how difficult it is to pronouce this word while reading quickly, clearly, as montonous as possible while keeping a straight face.

Yes, the fiance and i flubbed, giggled on while reading the last paragraph.

The clerk was very understanding, didn’t make us redo / reread the entire document… perhaps she was amused by our giggles and shared that others had flubbed as well.

The funny moments, and surprisingly on a Monday 🙂


My apologies for weeks of ‘no posts’.

Just a couple more days to my wedding, can’t wait for it to happen, see our close relatives, friends and then get some rest!

As for regular tech posting, those should be back by mid-October.

BBL! 🙂