Rant: Hosting frustration – Exabytes

I don’t often see the need to rant or review negatively online. The only other time I did that, was for a restaurant / bar along Sentosa Boardwalk for their lack of professionalism.

This time, it’s for my annoying and unstable site / blog host – Exabytes.


The pre-sale and support service was/is great, having someone did the data migration and set up, saved me a helluva time and they have been really quick to solve the issues.

But the annoyance, is for the continuous downtime for a Linux hosting server.


You might be thinking, it can’t be all that bad…
Downtime is inevitable during server maintenance and sudden issues.

But it can and it has, since I’ve experienced more than 50% downtime (based on number of days – 11 out of 20 days), that’s for Jan 2016 alone.

To be fair, the server connection goes down for up to a max of 01 hour and during wee hours of the night. I’m still okay with that but based on records (Jetpack Monitor), there were cases of day time downtime (when I was trying to blog or doing some edits).

The worst was 18 hours in total downtime on 14 January.  Compared to the service my friend provided before this (reseller hosting but with less than 1% downtime), I can’t ignore this.


Did I highlight to the host / support team?

You bet I did, politely, of course and saw a temporary fix for the issue, e.g. increasing the memory limit (no idea how much they increased, when the specs for max consumption is 512mb).

It’s not the customer service / support tech’s fault but there is clearly something wrong with the server and how it is being managed, since I’ve not gotten a clear explanation till date.

Hard not to feel bewildered, to encounter the regular downtime even when I hadn’t been updating regularly for the past 10 months or so. Nor have I been uploading or able to mobile upload images onto the server (thus no mobile blogging). How would it be possible to hit the disk space limit, data transfer limit, memory space when there’s minimal activities?

I think a change would be necessary when the contract is up.


To Exabytes:

As an existing customer, your packages and promotions is affordable but hosting server and downtime are undesirable or exceptionally horrible.

18 hours downtime and not a scheduled maintenance… Really?
I don’t know how you are going to fix or refresh your server, but if you want to retain existing customers who are encountering such issue, please work on it ASAP.