Thoughts: UE Roll – Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A powerful pint-sized wireless Bluetooth® speaker that is ready for whatever, wherever, whenever. UE ROLL blasts awesome 360-degree sound that is loud and crisp with deep bass that busts out incredible beats. On top of its insane sound, UE ROLL is waterproof (IPX7 certified) and shockproof, meaning you can dunk, drop or toss it anywhere without worry. And it comes with a nine-hour battery life and a 20-metre wireless range.

The UE ROLL comes in 6 unique and vibrant colors, for you to choose from and its retail price, S$149.

With the UE ROLL app, users will be able to unlock more features, such as Double Up (sync to 2 UE speakers and work it similar to a surround sound system), Block Party (to have up to 3 users connected to the speaker, share and play songs like a DJ), work as an alarm and many more.

Only feature not in this, would be the call speaker feature.


Thanks to Logitech Singapore and PR team, I have been using it for almost 3 weeks and enjoying the sound quality produced by it 🙂

Here are my ‘likes & dislikes’ on the UE ROLL:

– Design: the half sphere, rubberized design works great for almost any surface it’s on and would survive our local wet weather, if out doing sports.
– Sound: works as the press release said, surround and clear sound quality, even with club and rock music.
– Weight: light enough to bring it out anywhere and everywhere. I brought it back and fro, home to work, tried hanging it on the handle of my bag and didn’t add too much weight to it.
– Bluetooth: unlike the older UE speakers, UE ROLL goes up to 20 metres. I tested it by walking 15 metres away with the speaker, with a couple of walls and doors in between and the music played on with no issue.
– Sync: very easy to sync / pair – on the UE Roll, on your mobile Bluetooth and search to pair.
– App: with the mobile app, for both Android and iOS, it allows users to fully utilize it for other purposes, such as an alarm to wake you up in the morning and makes it easier to share the fun of this pint-size speaker with friends and family.

– USB charge point: Not exactly a dislike but more of a concern. I understand that the rubberized flap is to keep it waterproof and keep water out of the charging point. But it was a little difficult to get the USB charge cable tip in and removing it.
– Battery flap: helps to keep water out of the charge point but it might loosen after prolong use. The review unit I was using, seems to shows that, when I had to use more force to keep the flap down and in place.

Like all UE waterproof speakers, I would recommend getting this, if you haven’t got one. Especially if you enjoy music on the go (not too openly, quite disruptive if on the public transport), outdoor activities and partying whenever, the UE ROLL would be a great companion to your mobile / music listening experience.

Only thing to take note, do remember to ensure the flap is secure after each charge, in case water gets in.

As for the price, a little higher