News: OBS @ Coney: To Provide All Youths With Outdoor Adventure Experience

In his National Day Rally (NDR) 2015 speech, Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong stressed the importance of adventure learning to develop a generation of young people who are confident about taking on challenges that push their limits, are resilient and able to work closely together.

Outdoor adventure education (OAE) can help our youths become future-ready by:

a) Building their confidence and resilience;
b) Enabling them to value diversity through in-depth interaction
c) Forging camaraderie through common challenging experiences; and
d) Laying a foundation for active and healthy living.

The new OBS campus at Coney Island (OBS @ Coney) will enable OBS to expand its capacity and, together with its existing campus on Pulau Ubin, provide all young Singaporeans with the opportunity to attend OBS during their upper secondary years. It will provide a common experience for all young Singaporeans.

About 14,000 students go through OBS each year. MCCY will develop OBS @ Coney by 2020. Together with OBS’ existing premises on Pulau Ubin, this will expand OBS’ capacity to provide outdoor adventure training opportunities for up to 45,000 youths every year. With good connectivity to both Pulau Ubin and mainland, the expanded OBS will be able to efficiently and effectively conduct more quality programmes (such as OBS Project IsLand-A-Hand) and expeditions around Singapore, utilising our blue and green spaces.


There is a 5-Day OBS Programme for youth who are interested to experience nature / outdoor living. It will be led by an OBS Instructor and the broad outline of the 5-day camp is as follows:

  • Days 1-2: Confidence building, group socialization through personal challenge and team tasks. Activities include ropes courses, caving, abseiling and the flying fox.
  • Days 2-4: Resilience-building, self-discovery and team cohesion through challenging expedition. Expeditions could include cycling, urban trekking, rafting, sailing, rowboats and kayaking.
  • Days 4-5: Consolidation, commitment and goal setting through action planning. Activities include journal-writing, personal sharing, individual and group reflections.

The 5-day programme will also teach respect for nature and an appreciation for the need to preserve the environment for the benefit of future generations of Singaporeans.


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Used to experience nature walks and camping during secondary school days and it helped take the mind of studies for that few days while learning about nature. Such initiative would help the youth these days see and experience more, than just exams and grades.