News: Expedia Singapore – Exclusive Japanese Ryokan Specials

Ryokan, originated in the Edo period, is a type of traditional Japanese inn where visitors / travelers stay in tatami-matted rooms, soak in the communal baths and mingle in public areas while wearing a yukata.

During my first visit to Japan (Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo, my friends and I didn’t get to stay in a Ryokan but we have been to one of those communal baths.

Very different from what we see on travel shows (minus the towel, for sure) and personally, I feel you should at least try it once in your lifetime, keep an open mind and relax.

If you are planning a visit to Japan and hope to experience the traditional Japanese way of vacationing, Expedia Singapore has a special Japanese Ryokan exclusive page, featuring traditional stays with onsen hot spring baths and Japanese cuisine.

Information can be found here at Expedia Singapore – Japanese Ryokans.


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